Why Your Business Needs a Safety Plan


Workplace Safety: It’s the Law There are many good reasons for implementing a safety plan in your workplace, not the least of which is that it’s required by law for most businesses (though there are several exceptions). For those businesses that are subject to OSHA compliance, the number and extent of the regulations each business [...]

Harness the Power of ZMOT: The Zero Moment of Truth


What can Winning the Zero Moment of Truth teach us about consumer buying habits and effective 21st century marketing? As it turns out, a lot! The Internet has revolutionized marketing, a fact of which most of us are aware — in theory, at least. But understanding the precise mechanisms by which this transformation has occurred [...]

How Critical Is a Website to Your Small Business Success?


A recent small business survey reports a fascinating statistic on website adoption. It seems that, despite the powerful role that technology — including the Internet and mobile technology — plays in modern business, fewer than half of today’s small businesses use websites and only about 10 percent have mobile-optimized websites. This is a sobering revelation [...]

Using Employee Incentives to Boost Workplace Performance


  When skillfully handled, employee incentives can significantly boost workplace performance, increasing employee effectiveness and creating better business outcomes. Here are seven ways to spur your employees on to greater achievement through incentives:     1. Make your workplace more human. By building a more engaging, supportive, and appreciative work environment, you’ll cement the relational [...]

How Businesses Benefit from Giving Clients Free or Discounted Products


A free or discounted item can be an effective way to attract prospects and encourage loyalty among customers. While people almost always appreciate getting something for nothing, the customer isn’t the only one who benefits from this practice. Your company stands to gain a great deal, as well. And when customers are looking to buy, [...]

Marketing Software That Helps Your Company Connect With Customers


If you find getting your message across to customers and prospects challenging, it may just help to take a look at the wide range of currently available software programs that make it easier-than-ever to forge the vital connections your business needs to prosper. Automated marketing programs help you streamline the process of creating your message [...]

January, 2014 Economic Outlook


As the first month of 2014 draws to a close, a look at what the experts are saying about the economic outlook in the U.S. holds few real surprises. Yet, despite current conditions being somewhat less than ideal, a few positive signposts are emerging. Not too Hot, Not too Cold According to Calamos Investments, there [...]

5 Smart Strategies for Making Your Work Teams More Effective


Effective work teams do more than get the job done. They improve productivity, increase efficiency, build flexibility, and maximize competency all factors that help you take better care of your customers. To help your work teams function as effectively as possible, try these five strategies: 1. Celebrate diversity. While members of effective teams must have [...]

15 Ways Your Company Wins by Investing in Your Team


In a very real sense, your employees are your company. So, anything of value that you invest in your team whether it be time, money, or anything else is an investment you make in your business. The following tips offer 15 ways your company can win by building morale, developing skills, and encouraging better performance [...]