Using LinkedIn to Build & Promote Your Business

Many tools are available today that make it easier for small businesses to promote their products and services and build viable, vibrant brands. Social Media is one toolbox that contains a variety of critical tools that can help you get the job done. One of the most effective of these tools is LinkedIn, the social [...]

10 Tips for Better E-mail Management


Developing the “Inbox Zero State of Mind” For all the convenience e-mail has brought to our personal and professional lives, keeping our inboxes under control can challenge even the most brilliant of business minds. And while getting to Inbox Zero may be impossible for most of us, we can get close, and we can certainly [...]

Is Your Company Making the Most of Mobile?


How’s Your Mobile Strategy? With more and more people using mobile devices to access products and services, developing a mobile strategy is becoming virtually indispensable to doing business in the modern marketplace. Whether your business is limited to your local community or serves a much wider area, maximizing the potential of mobile technology can bring [...]

7 Strategies Small Businesses Can Use to Reduce Employee Turnover

Reduce Turnover

Employee turnover can be costly for any company, but small businesses in particular can feel the crunch when they lose employees after investing their limited advertising, recruitment, hiring, and training funds. It’s a discouraging scenario that often leaves business owners wondering where they went wrong. While it’s important to realize that sometimes an employee’s reason [...]

Give Your Company an Edge by Acing the Basics


As a business owner or manager, it may sometimes seem as if you have more responsibilities than you have time, energy, or ideas for carrying them out. At times like that, it usually pays to sit back, take a deep breath, and review the fundamentals. Assessing how well you’re doing in several key areas — [...]

Becoming More Productive at Work, Part 3: Practical Tips

The preliminaries presented in Part 1 and the principles presented in Part 2 of this series on productivity lead naturally to the collection of practical tips that follows. Implementing these tips can help you make productivity a more consistent part of your daily workplace routine. If you aren’t already using them, give these ideas a [...]

Becoming More Productive at Work, Part 2: Productivity Principles


Once you’ve established the preliminary mental and lifestyle habits that prepare you for greater productivity, it’s essential to get a grasp on several key principles that will make it easier for you to put a variety of more specific productivity techniques into action. By recognizing the importance of these fundamental productivity principles, you’ll become better [...]

6 Money-Saving Strategies for Your Small Business


Running a business can be expensive. With so many areas where money must be spent to keep the business viable, most entrepreneurs have discovered through personal experience just how easily money can slip through the cracks. Yet, modern business strategies and technologies can give smaller businesses a boost, making them more profitable and more competitive [...]

Current State of the U.S. Economy


According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the economic outlook during the next decade calls for a continued decline in the federal budget deficit this year and next, with the deficit dropping to $514 billion in fiscal year 2014 (as compared to $1.4 trillion in 2009). As for the economy in general, CBO projects that [...]