The Features of Effective Advertising


  An effective advertising campaign doesn’t just happen. A great deal of creative thought and planning go into designing it. What does it consist of? Here are the features of an effective advertising campaign: Impact It must stand out… make a big splash… command the reader’s/viewer’s/listener’s attention. You must intrigue your prospect to pique her […]

5 Creative Ways to Revitalize Your Brand

Revitalize Your Brand

  Does your brand seem drab and lifeless among today’s increasingly slick and innovative product and service offerings? If you’re beginning to feel that your competitors are gaining an edge by creating more up-to-date, intriguing, messaging and design, or attention-grabbing content… it may be time to revitalize your brand. Here are five tips for bringing […]

Can a Positive Outlook Help Your Business?

Stay Positive

We hear a lot about the value of positive thinking. Whether it’s visualizing ourselves accomplishing the goals we’ve set or repeating positive affirmations several times a day to bolster our confidence and remind ourselves of our abilities, we are told that a positive attitude can bring us personal fulfillment and business success. In truth, the […]

How Important Is Good Customer Service?


Everybody talks about customer service. Businesses promise to provide great customer service, and customers complain when they don’t. But, how important is the level of customer service your company provides? Does it really make much difference if your sales associate keeps a customer waiting or your receptionist is slightly abrupt with a client? Word Gets […]

Why an Employee Handbook Is Important to Your Small Business


An employee handbook offers a number of advantages for your small business. In addition to protecting your company from liability, a well-written handbook can help clarify expectations, outline policies and procedures, and motivate employees to follow the rules. While preparing your handbook may seem like a complex undertaking, getting everything down on paper can actually […]

Why You Should Implement a Workplace Wellness Program


We all know that a healthier worker is happier, less distracted, and better able to perform well on the job — all obvious benefits to your company. Healthier workers also experience lower levels of stress and miss fewer workdays due to illness and other physical and medical issues, which leads to a decreased need for […]

How Content Marketing Can Help You Attract Clients


As many modern businesses have discovered, content marketing can give you an edge that other forms of advertising can’t. It can help you get your story out to your target market, letting more people know what your product, service, or brand is all about. One of the fastest ways you can spread the word, attract […]

Failure-Tolerant Leadership & Your Small Business


For most of us, failure is a subject we’d rather not think about – especially in the context of our business. Even in our personal lives, the prospect of failure is always an uncomfortable one. Yet, whether our context is business or personal, mistakes are inevitable, and if we hope to move forward after we’ve […]